Feather and Stone Journal Of A Cross Cultural Traveler

Workshops – Retreats

Reaching the Light Within: Transformative Power of Personal Stories

This Workshop/Retreat is an invitation to look at our personal stories as a means of unraveling and reinventing our lives. Our story has already been written inside ourselves though it often goes unrecognized. By listening to the language of your inner song, rediscover yourself and map the patterns of your life.

Composing and revising personal stories can serve as a powerful tool for self-reflection and transformation.

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The Drum Circle Experience

When drumming together, a steady pulse
and the power of rhythm move us into shared space,
time and music where thought stops, time stops and healing begins.

Anyone can join in the drum circle even if you’ve never drummed before!

Drumming in a group generates a phenomenon known as
“entrainment” which occurs naturally when we enter
into rhythmical alignment with one an other.

The drum circle enables us to experience our spiritual connectedness;

to feel the underlying unity of all things at all times.
Drumming embraces our whole being, body, mind and soul.
It moves beyond abstract connections
into a primal dance of sound and shared understanding.

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