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Just Imagine


Just imagine that Mrs. Lanza decided to collect guitars instead of guns, and that she took her troubled son to music lessons instead of shooting ranges. Imagine that he spent time playing music instead of pretending to shoot people in video games. I think that world might be a better place, and the families of 28 people might be happier today.

Mrs. Lanza was afraid of something, and thought her guns would protect her family. Look what happened instead. We can all support the ideas that will make our children safer, and stand up for their right to go to school in peace. But isn’t it also worth the risk to put more music into their lives, and less pretend violence?

We can decide right now, without waiting for an act of Congress, that violent pretend games of any kind are not welcome in our homes. Even the youngest children can learn to avoid that habit. Rule #1: “We aren’t going to play games anymore where we pretend to hurt people.” Rule #2: “We will not support the excessive violence in the movie industry”.

We can decide right now to put more music and art into our homes. In doing so we will make this world a better, more compassionate place for our children and the children of the next seven generations.

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