Feather and Stone Journal Of A Cross Cultural Traveler

The Space Between

Last night I clearly saw Salmon…symbol of the ancient Celtic wisdom. Salmon weaves through all knowledge that is and was. Salmon swims the rivers and oceans linking us to sacred ancient mysteries and deep emotion. Salmon is a very wise, magical creature.

“…he is said to “swim in the Well of Segais, eating the mystical hazelnuts that fall fall from the tree.” Salmon is said to be as old as time itself and knows everything past and future and it is through Salmon’s deep and ancient wisdom that connection lives, never fully captured it but always felt. It is a wisdom that requires faith in the mystical and the compassionate realms.

As we rejoice in our connections with others we feel great sorrow when we they are lost. In truth Salmon reminds me that they need never be lost if they are allowed growth. Like air to our lungs, we take it in and let it out…take it in…let it out…again and again for if we don’t…love, compassion and life itself surely dies.

It is the way the cycle of energy that we call life works. One spiral of energy leads to another and traveling through the spirals of life‘s experiences requires us to become centered in space between before moving on to the next.

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