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Lining Up One Liners

No one tortures you except your own nature. Make your nature sweet and love-able; then win the love of all. -Brahma Kumaris

Is this true?
Is it true for those captured and tortured against their free will?
Is it true for those who live with an abuser who in their turn lived with abuse?
Is it true for those who have lost everything through natural disaster or corporate greed?

There must be more to this quote. Facebook abounds with philosophical one liners devoid of context. It is too easy these days, to send along tidbits when the world we live in is predominantly created by our own minds and egos…where ugliness and tragedy have only touch us via the media. It is true that a positive, uplifting nature helps people endure physical and emotional pain but these one liners are dismissive of the damage that cruelty and tragedy inflict.

Facebook “one liners” are like tossing a bill to a panhandler. It may alleviate thirst or hunger for an hour but it has done nothing to solve the underlying problem. We have just lulled ourselves into thinking we have done something “good” when, in fact we have not.

The next time we forward on a philosophical tidbit, stop and think about it. Ask ourselves what we have done personally, to make the world a better place. Are we living our own lives as we are asking others to live theirs?

One Thought on “Lining Up One Liners

  1. Well said. And don’t forget those ugly, mean spirited cows that are being tortured on a daily basis. They all need at least 10 years on a shrink’s couch so they can access their sweet, love-able nature. That would keep them from the slaughter houses.

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