Paul Baker Hernandez


Peace. Justice. Beauty. Re-thinking, re-building, re-living - from the Earth up

Echoes of Silence - 'artists with dirt under their finger nails' - works to build peace with justice, through beauty and concrete action. Beauty offers a glimpse of wholeness, keeping alive the vision of a healed world and moving people profoundly; moving them to take concrete actions to make peace-filled justice, crucially - as the very earth melts beneath our feet - environmental justice. With so many of the world's people unable to read, Echoes emphasizes the arts as vital channels for communication and interchange. We particularly support projects to end war, to reduce global warming, and to build community information and action networks locally, nationally and internationally. (Full project information: - projects page)

Mt Mansfield Event (Quicktime Movie-warning-HUGE file)

Hands Were Gentle, Hands Were Strong (QuickTime Movie)

I Thought I Heard Sweet Victor Singing (QuickTime Movie)

Starbucks Song (QuickTime Movie)


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